giovedì 25 gennaio 2018

It's too darn hot.

I've seen this clip before on Richard's Bass Bag.*


It certainly is right for a day like today!

Well, it's a time of change in our little blogging scene. The Bass Bagging Hexagram is as busy as ever and occasionally people visit The Cuumudgeon Old Boys' Brigade. Robert seems to have all but fizzled out in his blogging endeavours. The last time I saw it, his blog was called 'Z' and had no posts.

Do not fear, dear readers, our BBH posts will keep you very stimulated.

* the original bass bagging site

4 commenti:

  1. Just thinking but I think people are missing my imput around here.

  2. Nice chick in the video. Reminds me that Dad has made some good things.

  3. Nice to see all these comments rolling in. I guess that all is well around the BBH blogs.