sabato 16 dicembre 2017

Now my brother Robert speaks for me?

He writes...

Richard's proof of evolution.
This is how it happened.
Richard says.
"One day I was walking up the hill through the big pine trees that now have been mostly removed when I noticed shells in the cutting.
How did shells get so high I wondered.
I took a sample with me and put it on the desk next to my computer in the room near the old garage that now houses a set of drums and forgot about it mostly".
Here we briefly digress to a time when the faults of the pacific and  tasman plates collided pushing the hills to their present position.
Richard didn't know this so concluded the shell fish had climbed the mountain and become terrestrial creatures and humans evolved from them.

Robert has written complete and utter shit that I never said.

What Robert has written on his blog.
Why did the set of drums get a mention?


Well, there you go.

2 commenti:

  1. Well it does have an old time flavour!
    Accuse me of hyperbole if you must but I remember seeing shells in cliffs bordering the Wainuiomata stream!
    It puzzled me at the time.
    How did sea shells get to be 100 metres above sea level?

  2. Hi RBB 3.
    Nice to see you back.
    Richard of RBB 1 (what an egoist) tried to bullshit me that you were listed all the time but he actually deleted you and then reinserted you when I noticed. Can you trust that joker?

    Look, I know that you're caught up in all that bass and music nonsense but if you were to forgo that and come to THE CURMUDGEONS INC. I can guarantee you good food, fine wine and SEX - not with the members of THE CURMUDGEONS INC. I hasten to add but with MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX!

    P.S. bring your own apples.