lunedì 16 aprile 2018

Upwards and onwards with 'The 6 Strings'!


This is a name that fits our time and will undoubtedly take our blogging community forward.

I'm looking forward to a bright future with The 6 Strings.
I just hope I'm not the G string. Ha, ha, old music joke there!

4 commenti:

  1. Angry Jesus was not impressed with the joke. He put one string out of tune for four days.

  2. "Ha, ha, old music joke there!"

    That's no way to talk about Richard (the original).

  3. G strings chaff too!
    Though I could be wrong.

  4. I'd watch yourself 3 if I were you.
    2 has taken over from 1 and, if his megalomania is anything like 1's was then he'll want to get rid of any competition.