venerdì 15 settembre 2017

Where do you get the best pizzicato sound on the double bass?

The answer is simple - right at the end of the fingerboard.

The picture shows Christian McBride in action.
Look where his right hand is placed.

There you go. Wouldn't it be nice if all questions were that easily answered?

Sure would be. Well, congratulations because you've found the blog that can answer most questions.
Here at Richard's Bass Bag 3* we're prepared to have a shot at answering just about any question. 
We use the catch phrase the blog that's not too bad because we are a humble, hard working lot around here, and we are working for YOU!

If you leave a comment in the form of a question, we'll get back promptly with an answer that's not too bad.
That's our promise, and we don't break too many promises around here.
A few maybe, but not too many.
Our success rate at answering questions would be well over 50%.
Well over.
So please use us, like a teapot or a passenger seat in a car or a dog shit free footpath.
See you soon.

* the blog that's not too bad

4 commenti:

  1. This is slightly better than BB2 but on the whole I think I'd rather read Robert's confusing essays.

  2. No, I've changed my mind. Believe it or not this is better than Robert's confusing essays and definitely better than his weird poetry.

  3. I've left some words of advice on my blog for how to behave while Richard (of RBB) is away.